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RUBIX S&I: laureate of the Scale Up Excellence program of La French Tech Toulouse

Thursday, April 29th, 2021



RUBIX S&I is one of the 14 winners of the Scale Up Excellence program of La French Tech Toulouse, and this among the 62 other national winners!

This program is a real boost for start-ups, and will allow us to increase our sales prospects and reputation, while giving us the opportunity to develop our offer in terms of innovation and technology. RUBIX S&I and its employees will thus have additional assets to achieve their ambitious goals!

Elior Services & RUBIX S&I: a new partnership to improve air quality in schools!

Thursday, April 29th, 2021



Elior Services Elior Group and RUBIX S&I innovate for better air quality in schools!

Elior Services, in partnership with environmental intelligence start-up Rubix, is deploying a first innovative IoT solution to monitor air quality in schools.

Elior Services, a leading player in the hotel, cleaning and facility management industries, has teamed up with Rubix, a specialist in B2B and B2B2C consumer analytical data, to address a major public health issue: air quality in schools.

In accordance with the recommendations of the health authorities, the ventilation of enclosed spaces has become essential to limit the risks of spreading viruses such as Covid-19. It is in this context that Elior Services is experimenting with a first device to guarantee better air quality.

This project is part of the transformation and innovation process undertaken by Elior Group to take care of its customers’ environments and those who occupy them, and began with the signing of a collaboration with Rubix, a startup championing environmental intelligence.

Read Elior Services’ press release and discover more about our collaboration!

Press release

QUALITY AIR Project – Rubix works for the health of passengers and flight crews with the support of the Occitania region and a quality consortium.

Monday, February 1st, 2021


A source of stress for passengers, the presence of suspicious odors in the aircraft cabin is a subject taken very seriously by aircraft manufacturers and airlines. Indeed, it can go as far as the diversion or premature landing of an airplane.


It is therefore necessary to provide an answer to this problem. This is the objective of the Quality Air project, which aims to detect abnormal pollution events by developing a unique solution integrating monitoring micro-sensors and also offering the capacity to treat pollutants by catalytic conversion.

This 3-year project brings together a consortium of large companies, SMEs, start-ups and laboratories: Liebherr, CTI, Enercat, Rubix and the laboratories of Laas CNRS and CNRS Rhône Auvergne.

The Occitanie region and BPI France are supporting this project by providing financial support to the various partners.
In this context, Rubix benefits from a grant from the Occitanie Region to develop embedded micro-sensors and intelligence for processing measured data.

The Occitania Region supports the international development of Rubix

Thursday, January 21st, 2021
Région Occitanie
Rubix is strengthening its export positioning with a more strategic approach, particularly on the North and South American markets by structuring the export department and participating in trade shows.
Rubix will benefit from an export subsidy from the Occitania Region.

ADP Group is doing everything to welcome its travelers for the holiday season ✈️

Friday, December 18th, 2020


Our shareholder trusted us and gave us the opportunity to participate in the implementation of solutions adapted to the disinfection of their spaces. The result? All the POD2 positioned in the Paris airports allow ADP to welcome passengers in healthy spaces that respect the sanitary measures in force, thanks to our expertise in the detection of odors and micro-particles, which allows us to determine the frequency of cleaning of the interior environments.


Find out more about our collaboration with the ADP group by reading the press release below!


Press Release here

RUBIX S&I strengthens its top management team to successfully support its dynamic intenational growth

Thursday, September 10th, 2020



Philippe Dumont, Lucas Elicegui and Didier Lahay were nominated on September 1st 2020 to Rubix S&I Executive Committee, respectively as Chief Operating Officer, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Technology Officer. They will bring their expertises and experiences in order to support Rubix SI growth and strong ambitions in Europe as well as in the US and in Asia where the company already operates. They will help leading the company into the scaling-up process and secure the ongoing acceleration from business, technical and organizational stand points and will further strengthen the current executive committee.

Discover their career in more details in our press release!

Press Release here

RUBIX S&I opens a subsidiary in New York !

Friday, July 17th, 2020

New York subsidiary

RUBIX S&I opens a subsidiary in New York (USA) !

RUBIX S&I is proud to announce the opening of our subsidiary in the United States of America, based in New York and under the responsibility of Horacio Werner. This will allow us to better manage the various and large projects that are being finalized on the other side of the ocean, and ensure flowless maintenance and customer support.

Contact us for more details

RUBIX won the Safe Travel Challenge organized by Groupe ADP

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020

Pod Sentinel

RUBIX’s Technology in the spotlight again !

On May 28, 2020, the final jury of the “Safe Travel Challenge” organized by Groupe ADP met. Among the six selected companies from more than 300 files, RUBIX S&I is one of the 3 winners of this challenge on innovative solutions for airports in the context of COVID19, thus enabling us to implement solutions for airports.

More details in the French newspaper Le Parisien:

RUBIX POD used in Japan to disinfect the Diamond Princess

Tuesday, May 26th, 2020

RUBIX Diamond Princess

The RUBIX POD has been used in Japan to monitor the disinfection process of the Diamond Princess

Toulouse, 11th May 2020 – RUBIX Senses & Instrumentation, the France based IoT start-up specialized in the development of connected devices aiming at the monitoring and identification of both outdoor and indoor nuisance factors, ( Gas, odors, sounds, particles …)  announced today that one of its products, the RUBIX POD has been used to monitor the disinfection process of the Diamond Princess in Japan.

The DiamondPrincess, the cruise ship that was in #quarantine in Japan due to a large number of passengers infected by the COVID19 has been recently completely disinfected by a consortium led by the Japanese Company RiskBenefit.

Risk Benefit is specialized in the complete disinfection and cleaning of the ship by ozone fumigation and did use our RUBIX POD to insure and document the fact that the complete deodozization of the ship was performed.



This success confirms the help that is provided by RUBIX technologies to reestablish indoor environment safety and wellness standards with RUBIX online monitoring of salubrity.

This successful use case of our technology is another important milestone in our development. That will help us to intensify our customer support efforts around the monitoring of disinfection processes, Especially in these times. We, at RUBIX, aim at helping to insure the cleanness and safety of the environment, in order to bring the confidence back of the coworkers and customers in their indoor environment. We are very proud to have great partners like Riskbenefit and Analityxense in Japan that are able to expend the usage of our technologies. Now we have the resources to accelerate our transformation into a service provider of decision making and acting data to the prominent companies that we serve and develop as well a more recurrent business model

 Jean-Christophe Mifsud, CEO and founder of RUBIX SI.

 Press Release Here !

RUBIX S&I signs with Com’in and Bouygues Group

Thursday, May 14th, 2020

RUBIX x Com'In Bouygues


Groupe Bouygues and Com’in choose RUBIX S&I as their exclusive partner for the analysis of atmospheric nuisances. Analytic data from RUBIX devices will be integrated in NuisAlgo® software to efficiently monitor and manage the impact of operations on the environment.


Press Release here