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Rubix honoured in the Oct-Nov-Dec issue of French magazine Informations Entreprises.

Wednesday, October 31st, 2018

French magazine Informations Entreprises, leader of French BtoB magazines, included a detailed article on Rubix activity and its CEO Jean-Christophe Mifsud, in its issue n°170, dated Oct-Nov-Dec 2018. Pollution sources identification and remediation are the two key subjects which were developed by Jean-Christophe Mifsud in his interview.

You can read the full article or its English translation  with the links below.

Interview-IE170-Original French article

Interview-IE170-English translation



Rubix solutions now available in Taiwan

Friday, August 3rd, 2018

Thanks to our partner Scientech Corporation, Rubix products and solutions are now available and distributed in Taiwan. First exhibition at Bio Taiwan 2018 with our partner’s nice booth.

More on:

InkedBioTaiwan 2018_LI


Friday, July 6th, 2018

Occitanie/Pyrénées-Méditerranée Region confirms its support to innovative start-up and has allocated a grant to Rubix S&I, to help achieve its ambitious export development program for WT1 and POD products.

(Photo ELLE – Latvia)


Rubix WT1 and POD selected for the 2018 AIRLAB Microsensors Challenge

Thursday, July 5th, 2018

The jury of “Challenge Microcapteur AIRLAB” (AIRLAB Microsensors challenge) has selected Rubix WT1 and  POD to be tested in several categories of the challenge. Results will be communicated next automn. More details on AIRLAB and AIRPARIF websites.édition-2018

montage WT1 et POD


Rubix distinguished again!

Thursday, July 5th, 2018

Nice article in Challenges magazine following Rubix election as best start-up during the start-up summit organized in Toulouse, june 18 2018Challenges


Wednesday, June 27th, 2018

Last week, the jury who was evaluating the 6 start-ups that were pitching in the final of the Start-Up summit in Toulouse, voted unanimously for Rubix S&I, represented by its President and CEO Jean-Christophe Mifsud (Photography by Marc Bertrand).

WinnerSommet 2018_1


Thursday, June 21st, 2018

Here is our latest special project with the new WT1, its shelter, solar panel, timers, valves and flux chamber. The objective is to enable calibrated analysis of gas leakage, activity and emissions of underground pest, etc.


First major share capital increase by 2M€

Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

RUBIX S&II is proud to announce its first major share capital increase by 2M€

We are welcoming two institutional well-known investors in our capital, Evolem Start (Lyon) and Conseil Plus Gestion (Aix-en-Provence). They are joining the historical investors : Jean Christophe Mifsud CEO ofRUBIX S&I, Active’Invest (Paris) and Rochefort & Associés (Paris). Some Business Angels, and especially Jean Pierre Gloton (co-founder of Gemplus) and Bpifrance complete the picture.

Thanks to this fundraising we’ll accelerate our business development and strengthen our R&D.

Download here


Friday, January 26th, 2018

What cool sensor-enabled products
were at CES 2018?

At CES 2018, exhibiting companies displayed many new products for smart homes, smart health, smart cars and more. Digital healthcare had several sessions and many companies displayed their innovative solutions. A digital nose gets into healthcare and other critical applications.

With the goal of identifying and analyzing in real time the ambient air quality, an alimentary risk or also its health status, RUBIX WEAR unveiled the first electronic, miniaturized, smart and compatible with smartphones, nose.

“Our miniaturized E nose is based on MOS MEMS. Due to our unique data processing, we create virtual gas sensors arrays based on two or four sensors and we do generate a large set of fingerprints associated with some data banks in the cloud. Therefore, we can analyze very large set of gases and odors,” says Jean-Christophe Mifsud PhD, president & CEO, RUBIX S&I SAS.

Connected to a smartphone and artificial intelligence in the cloud, the micro gas sensors can measure and identify environmental air quality and nuisances such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or even odors as well as find the source of the offending odor. The sensing system can even measure similarities and differences between a variety of good and bad odors.

In addition to monitoring indoor and outdoor air quality, other application possibilities for these sensors include managing intelligent houses and monitoring health status with a non­invasive approach. For example, breathe and skin measurements can be used for both prescreening and long-term follow-up on different pathologies.

watch more on sensor tips website


Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Votre smartphone va avoir du nez

Un boîtier développé à Toulouse analyse la qualité de l’air, un risque alimentaire ou votre état de santé. Rubix Wear, c’est le premier nez électronique miniaturisé et intelligent qui s’emboîte sur un smartphone. La start-up de Toulouse (Haute-Garonne) Rubix Senses & Instrumentation, spécialisée depuis 2016 dans l’expertise des nuisances intérieures et extérieures, l’a dévoilé au salon CES de Las Vegas. Equipé de microcapteurs, le boîtier est capable d’analyser en temps réel la qualité de l’air ambiant, un risque alimentaire ou un état de santé, à partir d’un gaz, d’une odeur ou d’une haleine, et identifie la source de nuisance.

La municipalité de Los Angeles intéressée par le projet

«Notre nez électronique se concentre sur 72 mauvaises odeurs recensées dans le cloud, comme les colles, la sueur ou la cigarette, explique le fondateur Jean-Christophe Mifsud. Nous avons également travaillé sur d’autres boîtiers spécialisés dans d’autres nuisances : bruit, lumière, vibrations, pression, particules allergènes.»
Ainsi, la ville de Los Angeles a retenu leur technologie pour analyser la qualité de son air, mais aussi pour aider sa police, en détectant le bruit des bris de glace et des armes à feu. La commercialisation du nez miniaturisé (autour de 200 EUR) est prévue d’ici fin 2018. La start-up, qui compte plusieurs entreprises du CAC 40 parmi ses clients, a lancé une levée de fonds de 2 MEUR pour poursuivre son développement. «Par exemple, des montres intelligentes permettront aux particuliers de surveiller la qualité de leur environnement lorsqu’ils amènent leurs enfants à l’école, mangent au restaurant ou font un jogging», annonce Jean-Christophe Mifsud.

Armelle Parion

Voir l’article sur le site du Parisien