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Environmental Intelligence

Rubix S&I provides environmental intelligence solutions, an approach that collects and expands data on the environmental conditions of an environment, whether it is outdoor or indoor, for the benefit of decision makers through the use of AI and Edge IoT technologies. Inspired by humans, we digitalize human senses and develop complex signatures in order to characterize the perceived environmental atmosphere using an end-to-end solution (from IoT to data science) of environmental analysis (gas, odors, particles, lights, sounds, …)

Human Senses Digitization at the service of Environmental Intelligence (EI)

Human Senses Digitization (HSD) is the biomimicry of the five human senses combined with superior intelligence to reproduce how the human senses work and cross-complement each other in order to reach a thorough understanding of the environment or the situation.

It is the ability to perceive and detect specific stimuli combined with state-of-the-art digital technologies.

Human Senses Digitalization  – Automated recognition and analysis of subjective and ambient perceptions

Pictos 5 Sens Rubix - noze
Pictos 5 Sens Rubix oeil
Pictos 5 Sens Rubix - touch
Pictos 5 Sens Rubix - heart
Pictos 5 Sens Rubix - taste


scents, odors


facial expressions, body behaviors, shapes, colors, movements


temperature, vibration, texture


vocalizations, sounds


fluids, flavors

Human Senses Digitalization, the first step to ADVANCED ENVIRONMENTAL INTELLIGENCE

Advanced Environmental Intelligence is a new digital approach that consists of collecting and augmenting the data in order to obtain a deeper understanding of the environment, be it indoor or outdoor.

Augmented data’s real value is that it makes the data meaningful for the 3Cs (Citizens, Co-workers, Customers), allowing them to take actions with three main purposes:

Better & Greener Businesses / Smarter City & Building / Healthier Life & Sweeter Home (à mettre en valeur visuellement avec image)

To collect and augment data, RUBIX S&I has developed a network of devices connecting miniature sensors and large data banks where we have recorded a multitude of environmental nuisances, then analyzes it with AI.

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