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The most comprehensive connected real-time outdoor monitoring system

Watchtower 1 (WT1) is an all-in-one solution to understand and take control of your outdoor environment. Real-time air monitoring, odor and noise recognitions to ease decision making.

Operations depend on an effective environmental impact control

Make the visible the invisible. Continuous and simultaneous monitoring of a large set of customizable sensory parameters for specific use cases

  • Monitor Gas & VOC emissions 24/7
  • Predict odor nuisance
  • Identify odor sources
  • Fence Line monitoring
  • Monitor Particles sizes
  • Receive real-time alerts
  • Control process
  • Noise measurement

An end-to-end solution

Discover our 360º indoor environmental solutions

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RubixSoft platform: A centralized dashboard with actionable insights

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Automatic advanced reports: Compilation of key insights for continuous understanding of environmental conditions

picto mobile

Human perceptions feedback: Subjective insights via QR code

These solutions help monitoring of plant emissions, and process control capability with automatic triggering and sampling devices

Application fields

outdoor application construction
outdoor application industrial
outdoor application extraction industrie


Industrial Production sites

Extraction Industries

outdoor application wasterwater
outdoor application transport
outdoor application agriculture

Wastewater & Utilities

Transport infrastructure


We help professionals improve their processes

Create healthier, safer and highly efficient workspaces for more compliant and productive businesses


Guarantee health and well-being:
Reduce health risks and improve productivity


Optimize performance and empower your workforce:
Save energy, lower operational costs and increase profits


Ensure safety:
Avoid risky situations before they even happen

Outdoor environment is far more
than just air quality

All-in-one solution to understand, manage and optimize your environment

RUBIX’s outdoor solutions are real-time, reliable, customizable and convenient that will help you:

  • Take better and more informed decisions
  • Engage with and report to different stakeholders
  • Predict situations to optimize processes or implement remediation actions

Sensor configuration flexibility: Adapted to specific use cases

Source fingerprinting: Advanced source identification

Odor management: Identification and identification (ASTM 679 / EN 13725)

Networked devices: Working collaboratively in network

How does this work ?

Network of WT1 analyzers

  • Suitable for any type of emission source
  • Outdoor and indoor air analysis

Field weather stations(s)

Real-time measurments of local weather parameters influencing the dispersion of polluants. (RH, T°, wind speed, wind direction, rain, pyranometer )


A complete range of services

  • Odor audit
  • Odor diagnosis
  • Impact assessment
  • Zero state
  • Technical support
  • Training

Multiple monitoring levels

Modulable and scalable, the WT1 monitoring network is sized to your needs. Your results are available source by source, site by site or on a regional scale.

On-line results

With the RUBIX Soft SAS secured web site, use your web browser to access your data, 24/7, anywhere in the world.


Designed to monitor one or more sources or more industrial site(s), the WT 1 measurement network provides you with real-time key information for efficient management of chemicals and olfactory pollution.


Off line dispersion plume

  • Dynamic 3D mapping of dispersion plumes
  • Calculations of concentrations in the vicinity of the site(s)
  • Automated dispersion reports

Real-time alerts

  • Configurable alert threshold
  • Notification by warning siren, flashing light, SMS, email, etc.

On line alerts and source identification

  • Configurable alert threshold
  • Process control ( Bio filters, scrubbers, ventilation …)
  • Pattern matching software ( PCA, LDA, PLS )

Control of air treatment facilities

  •  Automatic activation & deactivation based on emissions levels
  • Amount of additives adjusted to the odor concentration

Cloud SaaS Based Hosting

The central monitoring station is hosted on a secure based server allowing remote access via any internet based computer. The access is restricted and the data is encrypted for maximum security. Users are given a password which will define their permission level. Operator access can simply view the results and create reports while administrator access can reconfigure the system and set all parameters.

Graphic Emission Representation and Reporting

The monitoring system continuously provides real-time readings of all sensors in the grid plus has the capability to show data for any defined instant in time. Furthermor reports such as specified period mean, high, low and variance for each sensor can be shown. Other reporting options such as sensor ranking in highest average reading and highest variation can also be requested.

Technical specifications

General features

Digitization of Human Senses (HSD)
Combining physical and chemical data collection with human perceptions

Source fingerprinting
Identify sources of pollution and track root causes

Odor recognition
Identification and quantification (ASTM 679 / EN 13725) with large databanks

Patented technology
high-quality electronics for the best signal-to-noise ratio and LOD

Real-time data
Continuous monitoring with data intervals every 10 seconds

Dynamic system
Independent air entry/exit channels for gas and PM measurements

Multiple connectivity options
Network agnostic: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, LTE-M/GPRS

Power capabilities
Multiple power choices: 12V DC input, PoE, solar panel battery

Over the air update
Remote updates of embedded software, configuration and maintenance

Trigger remediation
Or control processes via built-in APIs on RubixSoft

Multicolor LED notifications
LED button with device status in 7 colors

Built-in GNSS (GPS/Galileo/Beidou/Glonass)

Compact design
Resistant to chemicals spoilage, harsh environments conditions and shocks


Gases (ppm): Up to 8 different gases from a list of 15+ gases, depending on your business needs. Download the WT1 datasheet for reference
Particulate Matters (µg/m3): PM1, PM2.5 and PM10. Measuring those parameters in petrochemical sites, airports/seaports or even tunnels enables the monitoring and control of emissions and helps improve working conditions. For construction sites, a PM sensor for type fingerprinting is available on demand

Odors: Recognition of olfactive events for situational intelligence; increasing process and operational efficiency and controlling impact on close neighborhoods

VOC (µg/m3): Toxic chemicals are emitted by several activities and processes across sectors, impacting not only the environment but the health of workers and neighbors close by

Temperature (ªC): It makes all the difference when controlling industrial processes or ensuring employees’ comfort and well-being

Humidity (%): Too much or too little can have a big impact on the final output of your processes. Controlling it will optimize your business and maximize your profits

Atmospheric pressure (hPa): The right pressure will help you better controlling the concentration of certain gases

Noise (dBa): beyond managing the impact on close neighborhoods and employees’ working conditions, you can prevent and inform about risky or unexpected situations

Quality indices

Air Quality Index: advanced characterization of the level of overall pollution in the environment

Odor Index: number, intensity and persistence of olfactory events, providing an objective basis for olfactory nuisances felt on site




LTE-M/GPRS if fallback (option)

Power supply

12V DC input (110-240V AC – 12V DC power adapter is included)

Power Over Ethernet

12-V solar panel battery (option)


Data upload interval: 1 data set every 10 seconds

Data logger: saves up to 2 years of data when connection loss, permanent storage on cloud/

API integration: yes

User interface

RubixSoft: environmental intelligence platform

Third-party applications: built-in API in RubixSoft, allowing customers to download all the data needed on their own dashboards and systems

Responsive access: desktop, tablet, smartphone


Dimensions: 26 x 16 x 15.6 cm

Weight: 3 Kg

7-color LED button: start mode, alert notifications, installation mode and errors


Installed in less than 2h.

We provide 4 fixing screws with a maximum diameter of 6 mm. It can be adapted to any surface:

Wall mounting plate

Pole, tripod, mast, etc. (option)

Also, a metallic protective shelter is available as an option


Yearly maintenance: it is recommended to check and recalibrate, if necessary, the sensors of your WT1 every year. RUBIX’s Calbox, an on-site calibration tool for electrochemical sensors, is available as an option

Compensation drift: advanced algorithms are available on the RubixSoft platform to compensate drift

Modular sensor recalibration: sensors can easily be replaced individually

Dynamic-flow system: double air entry/exit channel for separated gas & PM measurements. Also, the PM sensor has a ventilator for fluid stabilization

Warranty: 1-year warranty (under contract conditions).


Tested by

IUT DOUAI (French micro-sensors laboratory)

ATMO Hauts de France (French Regional Air Quality Agency)

ATMO Grand Est France (French Regional Air Quality Agency)

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