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The most comprehensive connected real-time indoor monitoring system

All-in-one solution to understand and take control of your indoor environment. Ensure health and well-being while optimizing your business operations

We make the invisible, visible

Continuous and simultaneous monitoring of a large set of customizable sensory parameters to specific use cases

Network of indoor PoD for Wellness & Nuisances monitoring

  • Monitor Humidity, temperature , light, noise, and air quality
  • Provide analytics and nuisances alarms on line
  • Identify odor and particles sources
  • Provide Wellness mapping of working environment

An end-to-end solution

Discover our 360º indoor environmental solutions

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RubixSoft platform: A centralized dashboard with actionable insights

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Automatic advanced reports: Compilation of key insights for continuous understanding of environmental conditions

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Human perceptions feedback: Subjective insights via QR code

Who use the RubiX PoD2 ?

indoor application transportation


indoor application airport

Airports, Train Stations

indoor application hospital


indoor application hospital

Public Spaces and Working Spaces

indoor application mall

Shopping Mall

indoor application hotel

Hotels and Appartments

indoor application industries


We help professionals improve their processes

Create healthier and safer workplaces for more productive businesses


Guarantee health and well-being:
Reduce health risks and improve productivity


Optimize performance and empower your workforce:
Save energy, lower operational costs and increase profits


Ensure safety:
Avoid risky situations before they even happen

Use of data


  • Dynamic mapping of the various parameters via a centralized wireless (Wifi or (LORA) network (more than 1 km) and cloud based software
  • Simple information and globalized control
  • Automated alarm and generation of customized reports with individual monitoring of level of nuisances
  • Simple feedback information via questionnaire by QR Code connection particularly useful in large Environments (cafeteria, shopping mall…)


  • Standardized and Customizable alert thresh old for each data
  • Notification by warning message ( TXT or E mail)
  • Simple installation and identification of odors and particles origins
  • Help to qualify analytically the level of physical and chemical stress of the workforce


  • Full access to all data ( analytics & subjective)

Workplace environmental quality has a direct impact on human performance. It is proven that noise, lighting quality, natural light, temperature or air quality have a huge influence on wellbeing and productivity.


Technical features

General features

Digitization of Human Senses (HSD)
Combining physical and chemical data collection with human perceptions

Source fingerprinting Identify sources of pollution and track root causes

Odor recognition Identification and quantification of odors with large databanks

Patented technology High-quality electronics for the best signal-to-noise ratio and LOD

Real-time data Continuous monitoring with data intervals every 10 seconds

Dynamic system Independent air entry/exit channels for gas and PM measurements

Multiple connectivity options Network agnostic: 2G/3G, Wi-Fi, LTE-M, Ethernet and LoRa

Power capabilities Multiple power choices: PoE, Micro-USB and back-up battery

Over the air update Remote updates of embedded software, configuration and maintenance

Trigger remediation Or control processes via built-in APIs on RubixSoft

Multicolor LED notifications Notifications about different alerts

IP networked Leverage communication between devices


CO2 (ppm): exposure to excessive levels of Carbon Dioxide can affect your focus, decision-making and productivity.

TVOC (µg/m3): toxic chemicals can be found in everyday materials; such as furniture, paint, office equipment or cleaning products.

Gases (ppm): up to 4 different gases from a list of 15+ gases, depending on your business needs. Download the POD2 datasheet for reference

Particulate Matters (µg/m3): PM1, PM2.5, PM4 and PM10. Dust reflects poor ventilation and triggers respiratory diseases like asthma or allergies.

Odors: recognition of olfactive events for situational intelligence, allowing processes improvements and cost savings

Temperature (ªC): it makes all the difference when controlling industrial processes or ensuring everyone’s comfort and mood

Relative Humidity (%): Too much can lead to mold while too little can make people prone to viral transmissions.

Atmospheric pressure (hPa): the right pressure will help you to control the penetration of outdoor air into your building to keep ideal comfort levels

Noise (dBa): specially in open spaces, loud sounds impact your comfort and ability to concentrate.

Vibration (m/s2): avoid nuisances for occupants while detecting equipment or isolation malfunctions that could lead to energy losses and situations of insecurity

Light (Lux / °K): not only the intensity, but the color and flickering of the light can affect your mood and comfort perceptions

Human perceptions: via QR code and with customizable surveys, collect occupants’ sensory insights in real-time to enrich your understanding of the environment

Quality indices

Confinement Index: basic analysis of the level of ventilation of a space

Air Quality Index: advanced characterization of the level of overall pollution in the environment

Odor Index: number, intensity and persistence of olfactory events, providing an objective basis for olfactory nuisances felt on site

Comfort Index: estimation of a subjective notion, based on objective parameters affecting occupant’s well-being

Viral Transmission Index: environment’s likeliness to promote the propagation of airborne viruses






LoRa (bandwidth limitations to considerer depending on customer’s network and used devices)

Power supply

Power Over Ethernet

Power cord (+5V/2A micro-USB connector)

Back-up battery (up to 3h)


Data upload interval: from 1 data set every 10 seconds

Data logger: up to 2 years on local flash memory, permanent on cloud

API integration: yes

User interface

RubixSoft: environmental intelligence platform

Third-party applications: built-in API in RubixSoft, allowing customers to download all the data needed on their own dashboards and systems

Responsive access: desktop, tablet, smartphone


Dimensions: 11 x 11 x 13.7 cm

Weight: 360gr

7-color LED notifications: start mode, alert notifications, installation mode and errors


On surface (with/without mount)

Drywall mount

Ceiling mount


Modular sensor recalibration: sensors can easily be replaced individually

Dynamic-flow system: double air entry/exit channel for separated gas & PM measurements. Also, the PM sensor has a ventilator for fluid stabilization

CO2 NDIR sensor: double air entry/exit channel measurement, providing more stable and accurate sampling than those products only using algorithms to compensate drift

Warranty: 1-year warranty (under contract conditions).


Achieve wellness and sustainability certifications that will reinforce your brand. RUBIX’s POD2 can support you on your path to a green building, with a smarter energy usage and meeting all compliance requirements:


WELL V1 & V2



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RUBIX POD2Plan de travail 25
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