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OEM: custom-made

Integrate human sensory perceptions in your technology

Sensor and human perception fusion technology

RUBIX is a human biomimicking factory that provides AI-powered technology using customized miniaturized multi-sensor modules and extensive sensory signature recognition databases to offer intelligent real-time monitoring and source identification of a large portfolio of environmental factors

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Pictos Rubix - Perceptions





Recognition and analysis of subjective and ambient perceptions

Human Senses Digitalization (HSD)

Industrial integration into your appliances

From rapid prototyping to an integrated solution in your industry

An integrated solution consisting of customized multi-sensor modules, edge databases and a cloud software suite capable of interfacing with any type of intelligent device (PC, smartphone, embedded firmware) to measure and control your appliances

Our development process

From manufacturing to licensing

Different business models are conceivable depending on your business needs and the type of partnership

  1. Business need definition
  2. Solution proposal
  3. Proof of concept
  4. Proof of value
  5. Industrial integration
  6. Production kick-off

We help professionals improve their processes

A dedicated and experienced team

Chemists, sensor experts, electronics, data processing engineers…with a large experience in sensory technology and instrumentation as well as OEM partnerships


collective years of experience


patens and counting

Discover our custom use cases per application field

RUBIX collaborates with several main players and the most innovative companies in different markets

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