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POD Sentinel: Post-Pandemic solution to secure public and collective premises.

Faced with the huge consequences of COVID-19 pandemic, RUBIX S&I has rallied all its research and development efforts and existing smart building expertise, and is proud to announce the launch of a new solution to monitor the cleaning, the disinfection and the ventilation of public and shared premises, which as a result, will reassure coworkers, customers and citizens.

The new POD Sentinel, based on our proven RUBIX POD technology and cloud-centric machine learning and reporting focuses on real-time and online monitoring of cleaning frequency and air quality on premise. The feature includes ventilation quality, fine particle levels, humidity rate and automatic alerts to trigger the appropriate remediation action and enable compliance and peace of mind.

Recent research and publications highlight the effect of various factors driving the spread and the impact of the current COVID-19 virus:

– Quality of cleaning and disinfection of the premises and their proper ventilation  are key factors to limit the spread of the virus
    Source: French Ministry of Labour – National Protocol for Deconfinement – May 2020
– Fine particles concentration in the air, even if only in very small quantities and long-term exposure to PM 2.5 lead to a large increase in COVID-19 death rate
     Source: Exposure to air pollution and COVID-19 mortality in the United States – Department of biostatistics –  Harvard/Boston
– Prolonged exposure to air pollution in general partly explains the higher prevalence and mortality of COVID-19 in Northern Italy
– Indoor level of relative humidity, both when too low or too high contribute to transmission and spread of the virus
     Source: How humidity may affect COVID-19 outcome – Prof. Akiko Iwasaki – Yale University
The POD Sentinel solution has been developed to mitigate the risks, and our cloud service will provide the insightsand alerts, using the following sensing capabilities:
– 1 Formaldehyde sensor and 4 MOS sensors which, using machine learning techniques, monitor the cleaning frequency and identify the cleaning effectiveness as well as which disinfecting products are being used
– 2 gaz sensors (CO2, NO2) monitoring permanently indoor air quality
– 1 particles sensor (PM 2.5-10) monitoring permanently the indoor atmosphere
– 1 relative humidity sensor monitoring permanently the indoor humidity
All measurements and data are being made available in the RUBIX cloud using wifi, enabling a secure 10 seconds update frequency. The date is immediately available and visualized in easy to understand dashboards showing all critical parameters, whereas alerts by email or text message can be set up in case safety thresholds are exceeded.
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Take care of yourselves!