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What cool sensor-enabled products
were at CES 2018?

At CES 2018, exhibiting companies displayed many new products for smart homes, smart health, smart cars and more. Digital healthcare had several sessions and many companies displayed their innovative solutions. A digital nose gets into healthcare and other critical applications.

With the goal of identifying and analyzing in real time the ambient air quality, an alimentary risk or also its health status, RUBIX WEAR unveiled the first electronic, miniaturized, smart and compatible with smartphones, nose.

“Our miniaturized E nose is based on MOS MEMS. Due to our unique data processing, we create virtual gas sensors arrays based on two or four sensors and we do generate a large set of fingerprints associated with some data banks in the cloud. Therefore, we can analyze very large set of gases and odors,” says Jean-Christophe Mifsud PhD, president & CEO, RUBIX S&I SAS.

Connected to a smartphone and artificial intelligence in the cloud, the micro gas sensors can measure and identify environmental air quality and nuisances such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or even odors as well as find the source of the offending odor. The sensing system can even measure similarities and differences between a variety of good and bad odors.

In addition to monitoring indoor and outdoor air quality, other application possibilities for these sensors include managing intelligent houses and monitoring health status with a non­invasive approach. For example, breathe and skin measurements can be used for both prescreening and long-term follow-up on different pathologies.

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