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Customized Sensor Arrays and associated data banks

RUBIX S&I offers a large set of Instruments and services for on line monitoring of Air Quality and Safety.

RUBIX S&I is a leader in wellness and Comfort monitoring with an on line building mapping of physical and chemical parameters.

Our strong expertise in VOC analysis and Odor measurement is at your service.

Our On Line Air monitoring product line provide a full range of modular capabilities for Air quality and safety, including VOC, Gas, Odor, and Particle size monitoring.

picto services


Our Team of experts in Air Analytics, from gas to odors, from nuisances to wellness, from laboratory to fields is at your service. We have more than 100 man years of experience in Air monitoring, experience in gas sensors, VOC & Odors, Particles analysis and Nuisances monitoring and we can help you in designing your waste processing plant or to manage your employees wellness and working environment.

We do provide support and consulting in odor analysis as well, both from a sensory point of view and from an analytical stand point. We are expert in samples preparation, headspace optimisation, VOC and Odor analysis, and processing. RubiX Sense & Instrumentation Team is at your service to discuss your challenges. We provide experimental design, services ,consulting, and data processing for our customers.

picto services


Our electronic engineers, our chemists and data processing specialists can customize our miniaturized sensors arrays boards or electronic nose to your needs.

A full team at your service with expertise in miniaturized gas sensors applications:

  • for Intelligent home, (Building management, pet management)
  • Household appliances, (Food quality & Food Safety in Fridges, Cooking process monitoring, intelligent fume hood …
  • Wearable devices for environment or health monitoring
  • Odors & VOC
  • Process control & smoldering fires
  • Expertise in gas sensors (MOS, MEMS, Electrochemical sensors, optical sensors ….)
  • In electronic noses, multi gas sensors arrays, data processing, (Multivariate statistics, Neural network, Fuzzy logic…)
  • Expertise in chemicals and bio markers

Our multidisciplinary team has a full expertise in various domains ( gas sensors, electronics, data processing, odors and VOC…)


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